IIIPRO CNC MTB Hydraulic Disc Brake Front&Rear Kit Bike Oil Brakes

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CNC precision machining, three-dimensional design, light weight, dual-piston braking, strong and fast braking
Simple oil filling method with M4 size screws, easy to add oil and change oil.
The ergonomic three-finger brake lever has a non-slip texture on the surface, which is convenient to operate the brake and has a strong braking force.
XTR-grade multi-metal heat-dissipating pads have high wear resistance and fast heat dissipation, which further enhances the braking effect.
The cylinder adopts XTR large pistons and multi-metal heat dissipation pads, which can provide 300kg brake clamping force.

Laser engraved logo
Tool-free adjustable handle
Universal caliber, 22.2mm, suitable for most models on the market
Colorful screws

Category: CNC Hydraulic disc brake
Colour: Black/Red/Silver
Material: high-strength aluminum alloy
Tubing: The front tubing is 800mm long
Rear tubing length 1400mm
Type: a pair of black oil brake (left front and right rear)

Reminder: Please remove the caliper protection sheet before installation, don’t pinch the brake lever without protection,otherwise the tubing may burst.

Package List:
1 Pair of Oil Brake (Front +Right)

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