1.25" Telescope Barlow Lens 2X 3X Eyepiece for Celestron

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2X Full Metal Barrow Lens & 3X Full Metal Barrow Lens (Compact 3 Group Lenses)

1. All-metal achromatic 2X Barlow mirror 2 times magnification. Astronomical telescope accessories 1.25-inch all-metal Barlow mirror 2 times magnification.

2. Optical components, real physical calculation magnification. Using it not only increases the magnification, the imaging will also be clearer, which is up to 15 times clearer than the general extender. High-quality teleconverter.

3. With thread, you can link the SLR camera adapter ring, link the camera to take pictures, it is convenient to provide multiples.


Package Includes:

1 x Barlow Lens

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