Bilbear 57"Takedown Recurve Bow Hunting & 12PCS Arrows Set Archery with Case Quiver

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1. Double arrow rest design which is very suitable for youth, beginners left and right hand archery;
2. High-strength nylon fiber handles and laminated glass fiber bows ensure sufficient strength and toughness while being durable and lightweight;
3. Takedown design to easy carry for outdoor travel;
4. One-piece grip is comfortable to use, non-slip and even beginners can hit the target steadily and accurately;
5. Recommend to anyone, new or experienced.

Bow riser material: high strength nylon fiber
Bow limbs material: laminated glass fiber
Bowstring material: dacron
Bow length: 57in.
Bowstring length: 52in.
Brace height: 9.4in.
Bow weight: 750g


Shaft Material:Fiberglass
Fletching Material:Plastic
Fletching Color: 2 Blue+ 1 White
Total Length: 31"/80cm
Weight: 30.7g each one
Color: Black and Red
Material: PE
Diameter: 8cm
Minimum length: 63cm approx.
Maximum length: 108cm approx.
Archery quiver holder, made from plastic with a black and red design
Big capacity,the quiver will hold up to 20 arrows 
Package includes:
1 x recurve bow riser
2 x bow limbs

1 x dacron bowstring
3 x Archery target paper
1 x Archery arm guard
1 x Archery finger guard
2 x String nocks
12 x arrows
1x Quiver

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