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Color: Copper

🔥With a new rope lighter, burn the end of the rope before using it with the flint.
🔥Just strike the attached flint wheel to create sparks, which are caught on a charred ,it is windproof, and is extinguished by retracting the cord back inside the tube and an attached lid snuffs it out.
🔥This mini lighter is convenient to carry anywhere, no need to refill kerosene or gas, perfect for wilderness activities,camping or other outdoor activities.
🔥You can use the rope lighter without gas,it can generate some sparks that can ignite flammable things. If you want a more pronounced flame, you can also add a little kerosene to the rope, then rub the flint and ignite the rope through Mars.
🔥The rope lighter can be used for lighting cigarettes which does not require a flame to accomplish.This lighter is windproof,and it is useful to shepherds who were out in the windy field while watching their flocks. It is an easy way to create a live ember, when, combined with tinder, can be coaxed into a flame for starting campfires.

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1 x Rope Lighter

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